Mission: The CFA mission is to preserve & promote the health of the Catoctin Mountain forest for the enjoyment of present and future generations.

The Catoctin Forest Alliance has members from across the state that are passionate about the Catoctin Mountains! Members are committed to ensuring that the alliance can continue to provide opportunities for the community to be involved in programs and activities that enhance their park experience at Catoctin Mountain Park and Cunningham Falls State Park.

Programs: The Catoctin Forest Alliance programs focus on educating both children and adults to be powerful stewards and champions of the environment in this special place. The Success Program and First Bloom are all educational programs that provide opportunities for students across the state to experience and learn from the Catoctin forest region.  The Artist in Residence program brings artists from all over the US for 2-3 week residencies. During their time in the parks, the artists create art inspired by the forest.  The Day of Service program provides volunteerism to help maintain areas of the park and the CFA Scholarship program allows for an annual scholarship  for an Environmental Studies student in Frederick County.  For more information or to participate in these programs please go to our Programs page.