SUCCESS Hauling logs  Success Program
 The mission of the SUCCESS Program is to empower students with disabilities to become contributing members of a global society by assisting them in developing social       competencies, promoting their independence, and encouraging self-advocacy for them in a safe and nurturing environment. The SUCCESS Program provides post-secondary   transition education for students ages 18-21, who have completed at least four years in a comprehensive high school, and exhibit potential for working independently in the   domain of competitive employment. Students earn a Maryland Certificate of Completion. They work in a community based setting to learn skills for independent living and are  



SUCCESS students hauling a log to clear a trail.

SUCCESS Hauling logs SUCCESS Hauling logs SUCCESS Hauling logs
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First Bloom croppedFirst Bloom
The First Bloom program brought students from the inner city to CMP to plan, plant and document a wild flower garden in front of the Visitor’s Center (need original photo on front cover). The students were part of a nationwide program that included a contest for the best documentation of the experience. The group that came to CMP won first prize.CFA also works with adults to benefit the forest.

classroom nAnnual Scholarship
A CFA scholarship is given each year for an Environmental Studies student in Frederick County.

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